4 misunderstood concepts about positive thinkers

Yes, there are some misunderstood concepts about positive thinkers, people usually think that being positive means that you are never sad, never angry and always walking around holding a bucket of rainbows and a happy cloud on top of your head, ready to spread sunshine and candy all over the place.Well, let me surprise you, it is not true!


  • Being the positive person among friends and family.

When friends or family members know that they have that one positive person, who can left their souls up high and can instantly changes their moods, that positive person, shifts instantly from a human being, to a vacuum with ears, that its job is to only suck in all negative energy and in return, gives only positive energy! The worst part is that they are really expecting the response to be words that are decorated with rose petals and chocolate. I mean, common, don’t exaggerate when the situation is known to be unfixable, positive thinkers are not magicians.

  •  Classified “happy”, always.

Positive people are not happy 24/7, surprise! Trying to see the good in every bad and the act of attracting positive energy in any situation, is what makes it possible to classify some people happy. It would be so cool if one can really control that, but unfortunately, it is not the case, let me tell you. Facing problems and fighting self-and-society-negativity is a daily chore.

  •  ” Oh don’t worry, they’re positive!”

When someone says a word or a sentence, that is truly hurtful about anything, and they end it with “didn’t you say you are positive, then this should not hurt!” Are you serious now? Positive or not, who gave you the right to hurt anyone, it is so shallow and our society needs to grow out of this.
My ultimate question for these type of people is, what does it do to you when you hurt someone? I would love to get an answer for this burning question.

  •  The pressure of trying to fix it.

Some situations, as I said earlier, are not always fixable, they can be truly complicated and trying to be positive about it only, cannot always fix it; however, the pressure that comes with these situations is massive, because everyone around you, will automatically change from “Do you need help?” to “Oh, we’re not worried about you, you will be just fine!”, which stops one from trying to get an advice, just because people’s expectations are sky-high, and it causes stress in most cases, and that is not so positive.

Note: There is sunshine after rain, I believe in that, but sometimes, it takes you a storm to see the sunlight again, don’t exaggerate, and don’t be passive, just try and do your best to fight through the storm, forget the labels, talk to the ones who care about you, the ones who can help and navigate you, and it will eventually come to an end.