“Doubt” is a waste of time.


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“Our doubts are traitors, 
and make us lose the good we oft might win, 
by fearing to attempt.” 
― William ShakespeareMeasure for Measure 

“I am not sure if it is possible for me to,,”
“I don’t think I can,,”
“I am not enough to,,”

Are these sentences familiar to you? I know I can deeply relate.

“Doubt” is a sickness that causes willpower disability, it puts the mind into a box, feeling not enough majority of the time, causing one living in a bubble and not trying nor wanting to try anything new outside of that bubble named “comfort zone”.

What I mean by the noun “doubt” in this context, is doubting ourselves and our abilities, doubting how much we can do and the amount of power each individual has.

No matter what, we should try and never doubt that we can, life is literally too short for doubting and being afraid.

Grab a pen ‘n paper and start writing down what are the things you have to do, want to do and don’t want to do, give your creativity some time to take you and dive deep into each cell of your brain cells and discover who you really want to be, by only focusing on what we want, we will grow and be stronger to start welcoming people into the world of ours. It is like a foundation to one’s strong personality, to be wise, reasonable and brave enough to make decisions and be responsible for them.

This was a short article, but I felt the need to write about such small yet powerful word.

Stay positive.
Good luck!



Putarha (ruissalo) (134)

Every once in awhile, in our lives, something has to happen. You never know if it is going to be a good thing, or a bad thing, because you are not the one in control, all what is under your control is your reaction.
You don’t have to react perfectly from the very first time, this is why trials exist in the first place. Trials and hardships are there to teach you that nothing will stay the same forever, nor you will be the same person forever, it is a matter of coping with them, learning and moving on.

Personally, I believe that patience is key, especially when it comes to hardships, because if you were the one in charge of the action, or your actions were the ones leading you to the hardship you are facing, with patience you can stand still and find the cracked side and fix it, however if the hardship you are facing is out of your control, for example, losing a loved one, then indeed patience can help you get through it and accept the fact that this is how life goes.

Losing a loved one is absolutely one of the most challenging and hard trials, because of the fact that it will happen sooner or later, and the fact that we don’t have any control over it, it is simply the cycle of life, everything has a beginning and an end.

Being positive in such situations, when your loved one passes away and you were not around the, nor have seen them for a decent amount of time, can be challenging, I agree, but if we think about it, whether we were there with them or not, it will happen, it is written, it is our destiny, so the presence or not in such situations can be useless sometimes, the only thing that can hurt the most is being away from your other loved ones that can compensate you and hug throughout your pain and be there with you in such hard times.

I know that my grandfather is in a better place now, and he passed away so peacefully, without feeling any pain nor discomfort. He was a good man, a role model and will have this beautiful picture in our hearts and minds forever.

The only thing I wish for, is to gain more patience and acceptance, and to be strong, because life will move on and we will eventually forget the sadness and only remember the good moments and words that were said by the one whom we lost.

I had to write this article, because writing is such a great tool for compensating yourself and people who are facing the same trials as you.

Stay strong and positive.
Good luck!

Bright side! Where?

After disappearing for quite sometime, I’m back to write to you about the art of finding The Bright Side. It might sound cliche for some, but, it has became an art lately in my life.

Being able to find that bright side when it’s all cloudy is a challenge. My writings, in general are about positivity, but it gets so hard when you are the only wild animal in a yard full of pets!
Life is not fair and it is not meant to be, therefore, by focusing on The Bright Side and counting your blessings, life will look much more happier in your eyes.


The Bright Side is not a destination, it is not meant to be reached, if it is reachable, its value will not maintain the same, it is a way of thinking, anyone can have their own bright side, mine doesn’t have to be the same as yours and vice versa, also it doesn’t need to be someone or something, it can be both, or just a thought sometimes.

Bright side, from my perspective, is a side in which you focus only on the “good” and forget the “bad”, it is a way to see how blessed we are, and to be grateful is the aim. When we start thinking negatively, the subconscious mind starts recording, without asking for permission, therefore when we sit alone, we start hearing all of these noises and ugly thoughts in the back of our minds, we’d be thinking “Oh, I must’ve watched something or done something to think that way” or, worst case scenario : “I hate my life, nothing is working the way it is supposed to!” That is not true, the truth is when your subconscious mind was clear and sponge-like, we filled it with only bad thoughts, which will automatically lead to that feeling, or them thoughts when we are not busy anymore and listening to it, it gets louder and louder; then here comes the help of The Bright Side, below are few tips that I personally do when similar feelings occur:

1.1 Write whatever on your mind on a piece of paper.

The action of writing in itself is therapeutic for so many people, because when writing what’s bothering you, it becomes visual, therefore not in your brain anymore, so it leaves space for some brightness to enter.

1.2 Talk it out!

If you are not a big fan of writing, then you can talk about what’s bothering you with your parents, or a friend of yours, and if you don’t enjoy talking to people, don’t worry, just go ahead and record what’s annoying you on your phone or even vlog it if you like.

1.3 Breath.

When your brain is overwhelmed with thoughts, it loses oxygen and goes into fight or flight mode, therefore when you inhale deep breath and exhale, your brain starts noticing that you are slowing down, therefore it notices the base and gradually gets more relaxed.

Now, where is this bright side?

2.1 Finding it,

write top 5 things you are mostly grateful about on a small paper, and tape it on surface in which is visual to you constantly, e.g. mirror of your room or bathroom, and whenever you brush your teeth or fix your hair and/or makeup, the paper will be right in front of you, look at it and it will give you that boost of gratefulness.

Another thing you can do, which is my personal favourite, is to not use social media for a while. The stress from all of these different celebrities, brands, adventures…etc. is just too much, so take a step back, detox and get back when you’re fresh.

All I want you to know is that no one is 100% happy with their lives, but they all choose what to show and we choose what to see, be positive and find your Bright Side.




Nowadays, happiness is almost fading with all of these sorrows surrounding us from every corner. Starting from media to even people’s faces when we pass by, it feels as if they have forgotten how to smile, even though it has been proven that smiling does trick the mind into feeling happier and lift up the spirit, though I am not saying that we should be programmed to smile 24/7 without feeling any pain, of course not, however we can make each other feel a bit better, even just by a small act like smiling.

Nothing is 100% wrong nor 100% right, that is the essence of being alive, you have to, at some point, lose that happy moment and sad ones will replace it, but that teaches you to appreciate the moment you’re living in now and leave the rest either behind you and let it go, or in front of you and dream big. Learn from your past, don’t repeat it and work for your dreams and don’t let anyone defines what can you and can’t you do. See the brightness in every situation, no matter how dark it is, just try and you  will find a way.

It is really easy to want happiness, but it is hard to work towards it. My happiness is not as yours nor as anyone else. You are special in your ways of thinking, your dreams, your goals, even your fears and nightmares, these are only yours and only you should determine where is your happiness and how to work towards it. Don’t chase stars, be a star yourself and forget about the rest for a moment. Trust me on this one, nobody will ever want you to be better than them, no matter how hard they help you, they will never tell you everything. Humans are jealous by nature, so don’t be fooled by no one.
Trust yourself and yourself only, focus on what you want and go after your dreams not theirs.

Life is short, really short, don’t waste it regretting. Spread peace and joy and you will get that as well in return. 🙂

5 Tips To Breakthrough Your Mind


What does it mean to breakthrough your mind? It means to actually grab the wheel of your life and make it work for you rather than letting them tough times get you.

I have always been a positive person, however I also face hardships and struggling phases in my life. I wanted to share with you my ways of breaking through tough times.
Keep in mind that we, humans are so different from one another, meaning that what works for me might not work for you.
First of all, you need to think about why is this happening? Is this issue fixable? If yes, then how can I change my actions to fix this? If not, then have faith and look at the other positive things around to de-stress the situation. The second thing that usually crosses my mind is, how bad is the situation I am in? Is it really big or am I exaggerating!
Finally, before jumping to what to do, sit with yourself quietly and think, think about the situation you are in, don’t let it consume you though, just give yourself opportunity to realize what is happening.

Now, I will share with you my 5 tips on how to breakthrough your mind:

  1.  Know what is the problem.
    As I mentioned above, ask yourself what is going on? When you realize the problem, it becomes easier for yourself to take actions.
  2. Write it down!
    When you visually see your issues, it declutters your mind, giving you more time to step out of that negative zone and physically be there or yourself.
  3. Talk it out!
    This tip is self explanatory. You can talk about the thing that is bothering you with family member or a close friend. I personally discuss issues with my parents, because they have such great experience which always helps.
  4. Stay positive and don’t lose faith.
    I know it is not the easiest tip, especially when you think you are in a deep hole and nothing is working well. Breath, and be grateful.
  5. Take action!
    Last thing you need to consider is to start taking actions towards fixing the situation, whether it is physical actions or brainstorming with the person in charge and start changing your reality day in and out.


Those were my tips, hope that you find them useful. Thanks for your time! ❤
Don’t forget to spread peace and love.

Stop being a sponge!

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Espoo, Finland

Positive people also have their negative thoughts, but the difference is that they know how to control them.  :Prince Ea.

I know exactly how it feels to be a sponge, in our today’s world it is kinda hard to “pretend” to be happy all the time, I’m not saying that positive thinking is wrong, but I am saying that you have to know that there is no healthy person who is positive and happy 24/7.

It is absolutely normal to feel down or even sad sometimes, I mean, we are just humans in the end, but the art is in not letting those thoughts to get into us and learn how to over come them.

A lot of people have been talking about the benefits of being positive and happy, some relate it to spiritual well being, some other relate it to health and so on.

I think there are a lot of tips out there to consider as very good habits that can help you become positive on the long run, you just have to do your research and find what works for you.

I am in general a positive person, but on the other hand I get cracked easily when I see a lot of negativity. I know it sounds weird, but I am sure that some of you might felt it before, like you wake up in the morning super optimistic and ready to ace the day and with the first news article you read by chance, you become that broken person that you didn’t want to be.

Our environment and surroundings have such a great influence, if you are surrounded by birds, waterfalls and trees you will get the vibe of freshness, positiveness and happiness, but if you are surrounded by loudness, aggressiveness and harsh environments you will soak the negative vibes.
I am not saying that you have to be in a positive place to be positive, I am just saying that the environment alone can do so much to us, then comes our turn on reflecting to those atmospheres or sometimes even people.

One of my favorite tips from Prince Ea is: stay away from negative people.

People have such a big influence in our life, you have to have people in your life for sure, but chose them right. You don’t have to be around someone who makes you feel bad about yourself or others, you need to be around those who keep you optimized, looking forward and seriously care about you.

Be realistic with a touch of gratitude and you will be just fine in this world 🙂

My posts might not be the longest, but this is my style. I like things to be short and meaningful.

Feel free to comment and tell me what type of person are you and how does it make you feel?

Thanks for your time!

Spread peace and love ❤

Pause, breath & start over!

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Photo taken by myself. 

How many times you find yourself stuck, deep in your thoughts without even having a good reason for that? You find yourself hopeless and filled with anxiety when knowing that there is nothing going on in your life at that time and everything is just the way it has always been and nothing new is happening? Let me tell you, I know exactly how that feels.
That’s when you know that you seriously need to pause, breath deeply and think: why is this happening? What needs to be changed and how!

We live in a world filled with rush and everything is just moving super quick to the point when we forget to think about our actions, until we clash into a wall without even noticing.

This is why we should take it easy, we are all here in this world for a known period of time, so use it in being kind and grateful rather than keep hustling and rushing without pausing and enjoying the small things around you.

Life is just a cycle of your own actions and reactions, if you want it to be positive and happy , be positive and happy yourself, so that it is more likely to get a nicer reaction and the cycle keeps going on.

I always try to implement new habits to improve my soul and over all health, and the most great habit I can advice anyone to start trying is positive thinking. It is the most powerful act of mind that could literally transfer your whole life and shift it from one angle to a whole different one.

Start looking at things from a different perspective, be a “good vibes” catcher and trust me, you will not regret it 🙂

Minimalism and me.

Why did I choose minimalism?

I hear this question quite often from both friends and family, the reason I think is because I am a person who used to love spending every last penny on junk and useless things for the sake of having money in my pocket.
I have never imagined myself reaching the point where I go out watch,  but not get except what I need! That was an impossible thing for me.
The reason why I chose minimalism as a lifestyle is because it works for me, as simple as that. I found myself in love with simplicity and quality over junk and quantity. I know it might not work for some people or even the concept might be hard for some people, but for me it was a relief.

How did I find about it?

I guess that it came right at my door knocking when I was wanting to look for a change to my attitude and way of living.
I am an organized person and I love to have a clutter-free kind of atmosphere, my biggest issue was with having more stuff than what I really need and use.

I started watching YouTube videos before reading anything to see what is this whole thing about and do I like it or not?
I remember my first playlist on You Tube was by Rachel Aust on her channel, I was really taken away by her beautiful and simple way of living and I was touched by it, I felt like I belong to this type of lifestyle.

I kept on watching more You Tube videos, then I started reading blogs and online articles about what is Minimalism and how to become one?
I found out about Jenny Mustard’s website and also her You Tube channel. I admired her way of presenting herself and her way of living in her own way which brings me to my next question,

What makes me a minimalist?

I have wondering about, what can make me a minimalist, yet I always find so different minimalists. They all share the same concept of (owning less and being more), but still there is diversity between them.
You find some minimalists saying that Minimalism has no definition, yet others say no, there is a criteria that makes you qualified for the Minimalist Tagline. Some others say that simplicity has to be in every aspect that means that you also have to be simple with your food ( meaning eating the closest to earth as in Veganism or Vegetarianism ) also your make-up , trash, books, pets,, etc.  I had to find my own way.
What did I do?

I developed my own way, I started to see what works for me in order to live simply while doing and having what I love.
I did my research and now it’s time to put in my own style.  The things that I love the most are experiences. I love trying new things and meeting new cultures due travelling, so I came up with this minim-plane of living simply and travel more often as a gift for not buying what I don’t need and only get what I want.

I am still not going to count my items, I will still get plants and get the things that brings me joy, because minimalism is a flexible lifestyle and I will enjoy it. 🙂

Writing is my escape.

Writing has been on this Earth since forever, some people enjoy it, others may not! I have been introduced to writing when I was a kid, I used to love doodling on paper and sometimes even on my own arms and legs. I thought that painting or drowning will be my thing, but I couldn’t find my self within these remarkable types of art.

I started school searching for what is this desire for using a pencil and why do I want to do it all the time? I wasn’t sure that it is called writing because it was not!

My Arabic language teacher used to always give essays to write as a homework, but I couldn’t wait till I go home and start it, so I always ended up with 2-3 more essays to do as my homework.

My father noticed that I write a lot, every time he comes to my room, he’ll find me writing. At that time I used to write short fantasy stories and sometimes an article about something I made up!

Recently, I found my self attracted to books. I discovered writers that write like me and it feels like they are me in a different body!

I am still not a professional writer, I would love to be one day, like my mother always says: The most successful person on earth was a bigginer one day.