Bright side! Where?

After disappearing for quite sometime, I’m back to write to you about the art of finding The Bright Side. It might sound cliche for some, but, it has became an art lately in my life.

Being able to find that bright side when it’s all cloudy is a challenge. My writings, in general are about positivity, but it gets so hard when you are the only wild animal in a yard full of pets!
Life is not fair and it is not meant to be, therefore, by focusing on The Bright Side and counting your blessings, life will look much more happier in your eyes.


The Bright Side is not a destination, it is not meant to be reached, if it is reachable, its value will not maintain the same, it is a way of thinking, anyone can have their own bright side, mine doesn’t have to be the same as yours and vice versa, also it doesn’t need to be someone or something, it can be both, or just a thought sometimes.

Bright side, from my perspective, is a side in which you focus only on the “good” and forget the “bad”, it is a way to see how blessed we are, and to be grateful is the aim. When we start thinking negatively, the subconscious mind starts recording, without asking for permission, therefore when we sit alone, we start hearing all of these noises and ugly thoughts in the back of our minds, we’d be thinking “Oh, I must’ve watched something or done something to think that way” or, worst case scenario : “I hate my life, nothing is working the way it is supposed to!” That is not true, the truth is when your subconscious mind was clear and sponge-like, we filled it with only bad thoughts, which will automatically lead to that feeling, or them thoughts when we are not busy anymore and listening to it, it gets louder and louder; then here comes the help of The Bright Side, below are few tips that I personally do when similar feelings occur:

1.1 Write whatever on your mind on a piece of paper.

The action of writing in itself is therapeutic for so many people, because when writing what’s bothering you, it becomes visual, therefore not in your brain anymore, so it leaves space for some brightness to enter.

1.2 Talk it out!

If you are not a big fan of writing, then you can talk about what’s bothering you with your parents, or a friend of yours, and if you don’t enjoy talking to people, don’t worry, just go ahead and record what’s annoying you on your phone or even vlog it if you like.

1.3 Breath.

When your brain is overwhelmed with thoughts, it loses oxygen and goes into fight or flight mode, therefore when you inhale deep breath and exhale, your brain starts noticing that you are slowing down, therefore it notices the base and gradually gets more relaxed.

Now, where is this bright side?

2.1 Finding it,

write top 5 things you are mostly grateful about on a small paper, and tape it on surface in which is visual to you constantly, e.g. mirror of your room or bathroom, and whenever you brush your teeth or fix your hair and/or makeup, the paper will be right in front of you, look at it and it will give you that boost of gratefulness.

Another thing you can do, which is my personal favourite, is to not use social media for a while. The stress from all of these different celebrities, brands, adventures…etc. is just too much, so take a step back, detox and get back when you’re fresh.

All I want you to know is that no one is 100% happy with their lives, but they all choose what to show and we choose what to see, be positive and find your Bright Side.