Nowadays, happiness is almost fading with all of these sorrows surrounding us from every corner. Starting from media to even people’s faces when we pass by, it feels as if they have forgotten how to smile, even though it has been proven that smiling does trick the mind into feeling happier and lift up the spirit, though I am not saying that we should be programmed to smile 24/7 without feeling any pain, of course not, however we can make each other feel a bit better, even just by a small act like smiling.

Nothing is 100% wrong nor 100% right, that is the essence of being alive, you have to, at some point, lose that happy moment and sad ones will replace it, but that teaches you to appreciate the moment you’re living in now and leave the rest either behind you and let it go, or in front of you and dream big. Learn from your past, don’t repeat it and work for your dreams and don’t let anyone defines what can you and can’t you do. See the brightness in every situation, no matter how dark it is, just try and you  will find a way.

It is really easy to want happiness, but it is hard to work towards it. My happiness is not as yours nor as anyone else. You are special in your ways of thinking, your dreams, your goals, even your fears and nightmares, these are only yours and only you should determine where is your happiness and how to work towards it. Don’t chase stars, be a star yourself and forget about the rest for a moment. Trust me on this one, nobody will ever want you to be better than them, no matter how hard they help you, they will never tell you everything. Humans are jealous by nature, so don’t be fooled by no one.
Trust yourself and yourself only, focus on what you want and go after your dreams not theirs.

Life is short, really short, don’t waste it regretting. Spread peace and joy and you will get that as well in return. 🙂