Pause, breath & start over!

swimmin'n in magical Ruissalo ‫(35455596)‬ ‫‬

Photo taken by myself. 

How many times you find yourself stuck, deep in your thoughts without even having a good reason for that? You find yourself hopeless and filled with anxiety when knowing that there is nothing going on in your life at that time and everything is just the way it has always been and nothing new is happening? Let me tell you, I know exactly how that feels.
That’s when you know that you seriously need to pause, breath deeply and think: why is this happening? What needs to be changed and how!

We live in a world filled with rush and everything is just moving super quick to the point when we forget to think about our actions, until we clash into a wall without even noticing.

This is why we should take it easy, we are all here in this world for a known period of time, so use it in being kind and grateful rather than keep hustling and rushing without pausing and enjoying the small things around you.

Life is just a cycle of your own actions and reactions, if you want it to be positive and happy , be positive and happy yourself, so that it is more likely to get a nicer reaction and the cycle keeps going on.

I always try to implement new habits to improve my soul and over all health, and the most great habit I can advice anyone to start trying is positive thinking. It is the most powerful act of mind that could literally transfer your whole life and shift it from one angle to a whole different one.

Start looking at things from a different perspective, be a “good vibes” catcher and trust me, you will not regret it 🙂