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This article is meant to everyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, to learn at least a little bit about Islam and some of its conceptions and misconceptions. I wanted to write this article in the most simple way, because this is my style in representing myself.
I welcome any questions you might have, even the most silly ones and I will try my best to give you an answer. 🙂





  • More than 1400 years ago, women were nothing more than slaves and mistresses.It was a crime to talk in any public place, because they were considered to be uneducated and not worthy listening to.
    There was no woman who is able to own any property. Women were traded, just like horses, and women were married of as business deals between men.
    Also, female children were berried alive and male children were kept alive to hold the name of the family.  Even after religions came and the messengers that were guiding people towards one God, still women were living poorly.
    Islam came with a different massage, an important one, which is fair and justice between both genders.
    Women in Pre-Islamic Arabia were not able to inherit property nor have a saying in society, Islam had changed the rule by giving  the women their rights to land and property owning ship , voting, the right to divorce and marriage to whom they choose.
    One of the biggest misconceptions about Islam is that Islam oppresses women by forcing them to wear the headscarf or the Hijab as it’s known, this is absolutely not true, Islam didn’t create the idea of covering the hair, it was in all religions before Islam as well.
    It was mentioned in The Bible, The Torah  and of course in The Qura’an, because women are not objects to be sold by how beautiful they look like nor how amazing their figure is, women should be presented based on what knowledge do they have in their brains and wearing a headscarf doesn’t make a woman any dumper, it’s just a fabric on their heads not on their brains!Being modest is not being oppressed or forced to do something, it is a choice that one woman take between herself and God.
    In  every one man who converts to Islam 4 women do, no women will chose a religion that oppresses them.All of these major religious share the same meaning regarding the vale or the scarf that is placed on the head to cover the hair and the chest, which is modesty and it is not just for women, it is for men as well.

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  • In Islam, education is not just a right for women and all human binges, it is a responsibility, in Islam Muhammad PBUH said (the first school of a child is the mother’s arm), and the first word that was relieved in The Qura’an was (Iqra) which means (Read) , it wasn’t (Oh man read) nor (oh child read) it was just Read for all humankind.
    One historical example about education and women in Islam was Aslamia- the first known Muslim physician, a young women who had learned so much about this science from her father, he trained her on everything he knew about caring for the sick,  so she went to the Prophet Muhammad at that time and asked him, Is it okay to provide healthcare? he said. Of course, of course!
    This example shows us that Islam does encourage women to seek knowledge and education.
    Also, Aisha the wife of the prophet Muhammad PBUH was an educated women, she used to give public lectures and encourage women to learn.فنلندا 2015 666^^ ‫(66)‬ ‫‬.JPGGod (Allah): 
  • Speaking about God, let me tell you something about Allah (which a lot of people think, Muslims believe in a different God).
    Allah is the word God in Arabic,the word Allah can not be used to anything else besides God, nothing else is called Allah except for God. The word has been chosen, because it is very unique, it doesn’t have any plural as in Gods nor gender as in God or Goddess.
    The God that Muslims believe in is the same God who brought all religions to this Earth and beyond, he is the God of Mouses, Jesus and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Them All).This is the only reason and  the most powerful one I think why Muslims call God “Allah”.


videos that I encourage you to watch, if you would like to know more:
– Most 5 isconceptions about Islam ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciutXxazCqI )
– An example of women in Islam on TED-talks ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FETryXMpDl8 )
– What does my head scarf mean to you? ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18zvlz5CxPE )
– Muslim Feminist on TED? ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jWSDyJiIXg )

Thanks for your time and hopefully you like it and share it with those who might be interested in such topics. 
Don’t forget to spread peace and love 🙂 




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