Minimalism and me.

Why did I choose minimalism?

I hear this question quite often from both friends and family, the reason I think is because I am a person who used to love spending every last penny on junk and useless things for the sake of having money in my pocket.
I have never imagined myself reaching the point where I go out watch,  but not get except what I need! That was an impossible thing for me.
The reason why I chose minimalism as a lifestyle is because it works for me, as simple as that. I found myself in love with simplicity and quality over junk and quantity. I know it might not work for some people or even the concept might be hard for some people, but for me it was a relief.

How did I find about it?

I guess that it came right at my door knocking when I was wanting to look for a change to my attitude and way of living.
I am an organized person and I love to have a clutter-free kind of atmosphere, my biggest issue was with having more stuff than what I really need and use.

I started watching YouTube videos before reading anything to see what is this whole thing about and do I like it or not?
I remember my first playlist on You Tube was by Rachel Aust on her channel, I was really taken away by her beautiful and simple way of living and I was touched by it, I felt like I belong to this type of lifestyle.

I kept on watching more You Tube videos, then I started reading blogs and online articles about what is Minimalism and how to become one?
I found out about Jenny Mustard’s website and also her You Tube channel. I admired her way of presenting herself and her way of living in her own way which brings me to my next question,

What makes me a minimalist?

I have wondering about, what can make me a minimalist, yet I always find so different minimalists. They all share the same concept of (owning less and being more), but still there is diversity between them.
You find some minimalists saying that Minimalism has no definition, yet others say no, there is a criteria that makes you qualified for the Minimalist Tagline. Some others say that simplicity has to be in every aspect that means that you also have to be simple with your food ( meaning eating the closest to earth as in Veganism or Vegetarianism ) also your make-up , trash, books, pets,, etc.  I had to find my own way.
What did I do?

I developed my own way, I started to see what works for me in order to live simply while doing and having what I love.
I did my research and now it’s time to put in my own style.  The things that I love the most are experiences. I love trying new things and meeting new cultures due travelling, so I came up with this minim-plane of living simply and travel more often as a gift for not buying what I don’t need and only get what I want.

I am still not going to count my items, I will still get plants and get the things that brings me joy, because minimalism is a flexible lifestyle and I will enjoy it. 🙂