Writing is my escape.

Writing has been on this Earth since forever, some people enjoy it, others may not! I have been introduced to writing when I was a kid, I used to love doodling on paper and sometimes even on my own arms and legs. I thought that painting or drowning will be my thing, but I couldn’t find my self within these remarkable types of art.

I started school searching for what is this desire for using a pencil and why do I want to do it all the time? I wasn’t sure that it is called writing because it was not!

My Arabic language teacher used to always give essays to write as a homework, but I couldn’t wait till I go home and start it, so I always ended up with 2-3 more essays to do as my homework.

My father noticed that I write a lot, every time he comes to my room, he’ll find me writing. At that time I used to write short fantasy stories and sometimes an article about something I made up!

Recently, I found my self attracted to books. I discovered writers that write like me and it feels like they are me in a different body!

I am still not a professional writer, I would love to be one day, like my mother always says: The most successful person on earth was a bigginer one day.

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